Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do you know this Love?

"Its the outgoing of the totality of one's being to another in beneficience and help."

Just the V-day of love is over. But how many know a kinf of love that never fails? Here is a different kind of love that is supernatural, excellent and eternal. This unique love is also kown as the fruit of the Holy Spirit. This love is not from ourselves i.e. it is not our own production of human love, but it is produced by the Holy Spirit as one lives under His control and facilitate its cultivation and manifestation through our lives.
*It is more than human, natural and worldly love- Matthew 5:44,46. It is not a sentimental emotion or based on the merit of the other. It is known as the "Agape" love in Greek. This is the highest level & superlative degree of love compared to the other "phileos"(brotherly love) and the "eros"(physical affection).
"Its the outgoing of the totality of one's being to another in beneficience and help." Matt.10:8; Jn.10:11,15,17-18,28; 15:13; Ac.20:31; Eph.5:25; Phil.2:17.

Here are 12 characters listed for this kind of love you may not know:
The Characteristics:-
1. Love is a divine attribute (Jn.3:16; 1Jn 4:16) poured into our hearts by the Holy spirit, when we give our hearts to Jesus (Romans 5:5).
2. Love is known and experienced from its demonstration in the life of the Lord Jesus while he was on earth. Jn.13:1, 34-35. The Lord Jesus commanded His disciples to love one another and to love others (neighbors & enemies) with the love He loved His disciples.
4. Love covereth all sins. Proverbs 10:12.
5.Love is an act of the will, controlled and motivated by the Holy Spirit. You must determine to love whether you like it, or feel it or not. For it is the Holy Spirit's will. 2Cor.5:14.-(the love of Christ compels us to live for Him).
6.Love relates to real needs-not pander to perceived needs which are not real. e.g. See how Peter &r> John meet the real need of the crippled man at the beatiful gate; Ac.3:5-7.
7. Love is active-demands expression. Its never passive. It can't be. 1Cor.13:4-8.- suffers long, rejoices, bears, believes, hopes & endures etc. Energized by the Holy Spirit. Nothing through the flesh or sinful nature.
8. Love is transitive. It demands an object. There's the challenge-"choose who you want to love" Joshua 24:15.
9. Love is serving-sacrificing, giving, doing good etc. James 2:16; Jn.13:15-17.
10.Love is unconditional. Puts no condition before expressing itself to others. Mat.5:46,48, 10:8.
11."Its the outgoing of the totality of one's being to another in beneficience and help." Matt.10:8.
12.Love is permanent and hence greatest. Jer.31:3; 1Cor.13:13.

Ten Principles to express love to others.
1. Demand nothing in return-Its not give and take. Give unreservedly.
2. Make conscious effort to show interest in others. Not expecting others to do so first.
3.Take time to understand-its not momentary, not superfifical. Know in depth and well.
4.Listen with understanding. Show concern, care and give attention to what they say.
5.Be available, be near. Assure them they can count on you when they need you.
6.Treat as equals always. Don't behaveas if you are superior to others.
7.Generously praise & encourage.Be liberal to compliment and appreciate.
8.Prefer them above yourself. Give preference & priority to others over your ownself.
9.Love God totally and then others. Our love for others should flow out of our love for God.
10.Empahsize the strengths and virtues of others. and not theri weaknesses and failures.

"Many waters can not quench love (-its like the coals of fire with a most vehement flame), neither can the floods drown it..." Song of songs 8:6,7.

Do you know this Love? Now you know!! Experience it. Enjoy it. Pass it on.

Be Encouraged.

A. Othniel

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Hope for the Unseen Tomorrows

"For momentary , light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while we look not at the things which are seen , but at the things which are not seen..." 1Cor. 4:17-18.

This new year is a great tme to look ahead...ay ahead. yes, into the rets of 2009 and even to the years beyond 2009... even into eternity. Gerald Sittser, in his very helpful book, A GRACE DISGUISED, reminds us that there are two tracks for all of us...the 'now' track and the 'ultimate' track. As we go through rough times, it is especially important to remember the truth of these two tracks. One of them we see clearly and painfully. The other track, which is the most important track, we barely see at all.

The lyrics in the first stanza of the song written by Norman J Clayton, go like this:
If we could see beyond today as God can see; If all the clouds would roll away, the shadows flee.
O'er present griefs we would not fret, eahc sorrow we would soon forget.
For many joys are waiting yet,for you and me.
How true. If only, we say. But we can not see beyond today. We could make great decisions if only.
Life would be so much easier if only. God alone sees and know the future.

Many of the biblical authors also focused on the unseen tomorrows.
JOB, in the midst of all his pain and losses, said...I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end He will stand upon the earth. And after my skin ha sbeen destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God. I myself will see Him with my own eyes-I,and not another. How my heart yearns within me (Job 19-25-27).

Abraham,is often quoted in both OT and NTs. In Hebrews, we read,...by faith, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went....for he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God (11:8-10).

Paul, often spoke of these themes. he ahd the "long look," and he frequently spoke of it. For example...I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us (Romans 8:18). Ipress on ...havenward (Phil.3:14). He anticipated the return of christ and the many things that will happen in that moment...For the Lord Himself will come down from ehavn...and we will be caught up to meet the Lord in the clouds...and we shall be with the Lord forever (1 Thess 4:16-17).

Peter, in both of his epistles, expressed eagerness for heaven...Wew ill share in the glory to be revealed (1Pe. 5:1).

John, looking into the eternal city in the book of Revelation , says...God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying orpain (21:4).

How can we, too, live with a 'long look'? How can we keep an eternal focus alive within us? It's a matter of trust. We must choose to trust Him. This will be life-long journey for us. We can never get beyond this issue of trust. We can never grow beyond the necessity of trusting God. It is trust today. It will be trust tomorrow. It will be trust this year and next year. It will be trust when you are a young person. It will still be trust when we grow into our sixtees, seventies, eighties, and beyond.

Be Encouraged.

A. Othniel

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