Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Encouragement: For Such a time as this!

"...And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?" Esther 4:14 . 

Often things happen beyond our understanding and control. As the Scriptures say, times are in His hand. And especially, the lives of those who fear God and believe in Him are certainly in His control. Even though the Enemy, Satan, has been trying his best to ruin man's life and thwart God's plans for mankind, yet God is the winner ultimately! 

There are 3 stories of incredible situations that turned out to be of great importance and caused great change in the history. As someone said, some people sit back and watch the opportunities pass by them. Others ignore them. But there are some who sieze the opportunities to accomplish great things in life. Let us focus on 3 personalities in the Old Testament history who were placed in particular places and they did not fail to do their best at such times!

1. Joseph in Egypt: Though Joseph had seen the vision of his parents and brothers bow down to him when he was too young, he was not disturbed when he was going through altogether negative situations in life. He was sold by his own brothers and then he was falsely implicated in a crime he never committed. Yet he was aware that the times are in God's hand. So he remained faithful always and did his best wherever he was- even in prison! Oneday, Joseph was rewarded and exalted for all his endurance of afflictions and remaining steadfast in his commitment to God's vision. When he became the prime minister of Egypt, Joseph realized that he was brought to such a high position for such a time as that when there was a need for a Savior for his own people in such terrible famine. And he looked back and saw that God led him at every step, even through such struggles and sufferings. So, he was prepared for such a time as this! How are you being led through various experiences in life? Do you realize that there is such a time as this when you need to make a difference around you and see the very purpose of your existence!? 

2. Little Isrealit Girl in Army Commander's House: In 2 Kings 5, we read a wonderful story of a little girl who was serving in the house of Syrian Army Captain Naaman. Though she was a captive little girl, she had concern for that family and noticed that her master was suffering from a disease. Because, she was an Isaelite, she testified about the prophet whom she knew. That was enough, a simple introduction about Elisha. See how things changed so fast that finally Naaman came home healed, cleansed from Samaria and also became a strong believer in the God of Israel! The little girl knew that she was there for such a time as this, to help that family experience God's healing power. Imagine what would have happened if she kept quiet at such a time as this? Think about your own life and what opportunities stare at you, so you can be a blessing to many!?

3. Esther, in the King's Palace: At the time when the enemy of the Jews, Haman planned to annihilate them on one single day, there was no one to save them. Mordecai challenged Esther in the King's palace to think about why she was there at such a time as this! As a popular saying goes, behind every successful man is a woman, similarly, we can say that behind every successful woman is a man! Esther needed to be reminded and motivated that the opporunity was for her to act and she could not escape from it. If she kept quiet, as Mordecai warned her, help may come from some other source but she and her household were in danger of perishing. What a timely challenge and what an alert person Esther was! She was wise in discerning times and planning the right moves to achieve the goals. Everything went so well as planned that not only were her people saved but also the enemy was totally cut off. All this happened because Esther was in the right place and at the right time and she acted in a right way. 

Think about why you are in a certain place and position in life and what difference you can make there! Who knows whether you are there at such a time as this? When so many need encouragement and love, you are called upon to share and express yourself at such a time as this! You can make a difference! Do not hesitate.

Be Encouraged.

A. Othniel 

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