Thursday, August 20, 2009

Encouragement: A Challenging Choice

"... Choose ye this day... as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord ..." Joshua 24:14-16.

On India's Independence Day, 15th Aug'09, I had the privilege to speak on making choices in life in a city church in Mumbai. Later in the day, on " how shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation" as per Hebrews 2:3.

Our lives consist of hundreds of choices that we make every day, and the living out of the consequences of those choices. First we make our choices. Then our choices make us.

It was a harsh edict, every male baby must be killed, disobedience would be ruthlessly dealt with...But one mother was different. She looked at her baby,...then looked at her God....Then she made a choice:she would hide her baby, doing everything possible so this baby could live. The rest was up to God.

One moment of decision changed forever the destiny of Moses, and that of the Jewish people, one mother's choice saved baby Moses from a watery grave and propelled him into the palace fo a king, catapulting an unknown Hebrew into the annals of history. So much power resided in that choice.

For those of us responsible for other lives, our choices not only make us, they make the lives of those we are responsible for. The choices of the teacher affect the destiny of her students in ways that she may never fathom in this life. The choices of parents mould and determine the destiny of their children and their chidren's children.

Joshua in the history of ancient Israel made a crucial choice. He challenged the people to choose and then affirmed his covenant, saying, as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. What a definite decision made by a dad! It clearly pointed to the welfare of the whole family and their allegiance to the One God they worshipped.

We can choose... to love or not to love. We can decide and choose to be patient and kind, not to be touchy or resentful; to forgive and not bear grudges. Or we can choose to indulge in self-righteousness and criticism, to judge and spiritually lord it over others in pride and prejudice, to slander others in our thoughts and words. Not loving, and not forgiving, is a choice that only serves to shackle us, rather than the offending person!

We can choose to learn or to stagnate. We can decide whether to learn from the mistakes that we make, or try to forget them in a hurry and hope that no-one else noticed. When a mistake has been made, we might as well learn from it, and if we are generous enough, let others learn from us, so they won't have to tread the same path - ouch!

We can choose what words to say. We can choose to encourage, uplift, cheer and affirm anyone and if we lack the words, there are plenty of good words in God's own Book. Who knows which soul will be brought to Jesus because of some words that you sow today?

We can choose how we're going to spend our time. To spend more time with people rather than with things. To serve the Lord instead of surfing the net. To talk more with friends and colleagues or with our families and children. To spend more time alone with God or in the company of people. How we spend our time is really how we spend our lives. Some people have their lives all spent. Others invest their lives, deliberately choosing to do the few things that last-and outlast them!

Freedom to Choose - Victor Frank once said that robbed of every freedom in the world, he still had the freedom to choose his attitude, and he did. In the midst of the overwhelmingly hopelessness of a concentration camp, he chose his attitude - that he wanted to live. And live he did.
Most of us are not in a concentration camp, and do not live in the degrading circumstances that Frank endured; yet in our minds, we may have chosen an attitude of defeat. We blame the 'system', whatever that may mean, the economy, the government, the church-we even blame God.
We need to be reminded that God holds us responsible for choosing our own attitude in any circumstance. Why else would Paul urge us to 'rejoice in the Lord always and again I say, rejoice"? He's telling us that we have the freedom to choose our attitude, and we should choose to rejoice in any and every circumstance.
How do we rejoice when the boss is mean, the children are hopelessly behind in their schoolwork, the prospect of retrenchment looms large, our spouses are unreasonable? One way is to pray and rejoice because our prayers are heard.

Choosing Our Attitude- Our attitude determines our action. Deliberately choosing an attitude of praise and rejoicing will lead to positive and powerful actions: of prayer, which releases the dynamite of God's power to work for us; of positive words, which will lead to a virtuous cycle of encouragement and faith.

One person who chose differently was Joseph. He chose to see Cod's hand through every misfortune. He chose to walk, and talk right. He chose to forgive, even before his brothers were brought to him. He chose to serve God everywhere he went-as a slave, as a prisoner, as a Prime Minister. Stripped of every freedom, Joseph chose his attitude- of faith and love. He chose to trust in the one and only God who never fails, no matter how depressing the circumstances he found himself in. Because Joseph consistently, persistently chose right. God favored him. And wherever he went, whatever he did, he prospered.

Choosing To Praise My personal favourite attitude-booster is the Book of Psalms. It is impossible to immerse myself in the praises of God's psalmists and not be infected by their attitude of praise, joy and positive cheer. "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord." Psalm 150:6. Do you have breath? Then praise the Lord and march into your day with a praise-attitude. Choose to praise!

Be Encouraged.

A.Othniel (

><> Letter # 28 (16. 8. 2009) <><

Encouragement: Why Some are NOT worthy of Love?

" Jesus looked at him, loved him and said, you lack one thing....but he went away sorrowful... " Mark 10:21,22.

Have you ever wondered why some miss out on real love in their life? I have been thinking about this for some days now. I have heard and seen some who were in love for many years and yet fell apart and became strangers. Some even become depressed and regretful because they missed the love offered to them and may never get it again from anyone else!

For one, here is a real story of twenty plus years love. Though the boy showed so much love and care for the one he loved, she on the other hand always wanted to get things from him and never appreciated his genuine concern and sincere love for her. Even after spending much time and money on her, he got fed up as she never responded with words of love nor showed interest in his life at all! He had plans to show much love and lift her up in many ways and make her great but she appeared not worthy. Finally, he called it a day and quit contacting her and answering her calls. That put a natural but sad end to the longtime friendship and courtship. How many such wonderful relationships coming to end so abruptly because some are not worthy of love!

Often people's unrealistic expectations come in the way of expressing and experiencing true and lasting love. Some people are not sensitive to the sincere expressions of love from others. So they miss out and regret later. Someone said, till you lose something, you don't know its real value! How true with love!

I think of a few incidents where the Lord Jesus, the heavenly embodiment of love, tried to reach out in love but the recipients proved unworthy and were lost forever. Why and how people became unworthy of such supreme love?

1. Their hearts were not right: At the time of the first miracle the Lord Jesus performed at Cana, many wanted to believe in Him. But He did not commit Himself to them, says the gospel writer. Why? Afterall, He came to seek and to save the people and to call them into His Kingdom, yet He was not accepting them here!? Because He knew their hearts were not right. They had ulterior motives in wanting to believe in Him and He does not want to be played fool by such selfish people. Love comes from the heart and touches hearts. If hearts are not right, love can not flourish nor last longer. Love did not happen here because their hearts were not fit to receive the supreme divine love. How is your heart? Are you honest and free from deceit? Is you heart worthy of love?

2. Their hunger was not real: In John 6, Lord Jesus fed five thousand people who were listening to His Word all day long. Fearing they may faint on their way, He gave them bread and fish and strengthened them to go home. After some time, they came back seeking for Him, even crossing the lake to the other side. The Lord noticed that they were seeking for free food and laborless wages. They were seeking to satisfy their temporary hunger and make themselves comfortable without any hard work. He counselled them not to seek for temporary pleasures but to seek for eternal life. They had no real hunger for eternal life. Lord Jesus refused to do another miracle nor fulfill their desire. Imagine, five thousand precious souls lost at one go! What a tragedy! Loving Savior waiting here and calling them to taste, eat and drink the real food that never perishes but they were not worthy! They left Him. They forfeited the love He was offering to them freely and abundantly. Do you realize the preciousness of the moment and accept the offer of love from God and others?

3. His love for riches made him to miss out on love: A rich young ruler came to Jesus oneday and asked, what to do to inherit eternal life? Lord Jesus reminded him to keep the laws of God. The youngman replied affirmatively that he kept them all from his childhood. Then the Lord looked at him, loved him and said, go and sell all that you have and give to the poor, come, take up the cross and follow Me. He was sad and went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions." Mark 10:17-22.
Why this youngman refused the offer of love? because he loved his riches more than eternal life. Though Jesus loved him, yet that love could not draw him to Jesus. Riches have power. They can keep man from Eternal life and blind him to the real love. Riches are not permanent and they can't offer true love. And many today are making themselves unworthy of God's supreme and eternal love because they love their riches and pleasures of sin more than experiencing God's love. What a great tragedy this youngman suffered! Came to the right person with right question and got the right answer at the right moment in life but made the wrong choice! Made himself unworthy of divine love.

Your dishonest heart condition can make you unfit to receive love. Your selfish seeking after temporal, short-lived pleasures can keep you away from true love that can truly satisfy you. Your covetous attachment to the worldly possessions and unholy comforts can make you forfeit the free offer of priceless love. How is your heart? What are you really seeking for? What is the onething that you lack and want to be complete? Think honestly what is making you unworthy of love from God, and from others?

Be Encouraged.

A.Othniel (

><> Letter # 27 (9. 8. 2009) <><

Encouragement: The 3 Tests of True Love

I had just now read in today's newspaper that love is ageless, limitless and has no retirement! People love and want to be loved at all ages. Not just young people but also old folk need love. But how do we test if our love is true or if others truly love us?

"Wherefore show ye to them..., the proof of your love" (2 Cor. 8:24). Love is capable of demonstration. Where it really exists, it will manifest itself. It need not be made known by mere assertion. We are told to love not in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. In these days there are many who, like some of old, show much love with their mouths while their hearts are far from God. The test of our love is not how much we talk about it or how much we feel it, but how much we manifest it in our lives. There are three tests of love, which never fail to show exactly just how much we love. Let us consider them in order.

1. How Much We Serve

We are told that Jacob, in the O.T. history, loved Rachel so much that he served seven years for her, and that those years seemed to him as only a few days. Love makes people willing-hearted. There are many things to do; there are many ways to serve; and love prompts us to serve wherever possible. If we have love in our hearts, our hands will always be ready for service. Many people always look for others to serve them; but when it comes to the labor and responsibility connected with anything, willingness suddenly disappears. The test of their love proves that love is wanting. That's the reason many people get so few blessings because they do not love enough to serve.

There are duties for all. There are opportunities everywhere. Every one of them is a test of love. How does your love stand the test? Love will not grumble; it will not complain; it will not shirk from service. Do you love as fervently as you ought? Demonstrate it in your family, in your community, etc.

2. How Much We Sacrifice

The mother who loves her child thinks no sacrifice too great for it. Even her life will she give for it, if need be. The man who loves his country will, if the need should arise, count no sacrifice too great. He who loves God as truly as the mother loves her child or the patriot loves his country is willing to sacrifice for God. Abraham proved his love by not withholding his son. He offered him freely in obedience to God's command. Paul loved, and as a result he counted not his life dear to himself so that he might do the work of God. Christ so loved the world that he sacrificed everything for our salvation.

Many persons spend willingly and even lavishly for self who give sparingly and reluctantly to God. They spend more for their pleasures than they give. Some spend more for candy than they give to God's work. Some spend more for gasoline for pleasure-riding than they give to good causes. In fact, some spend so much on their own selfish desires that often say, "I can not give much to others." They might feel disposed to give if they had anything to give, but are they willing to deny themselves of some self-gratification in order to have something to give? There is the test of love that proves its real direction-whether it runs our self-ward or God-ward. If we love God and others as much as we love self, we can spend money for them just as willingly and with as little reluctance or regret to see it go as if it were being spent for ourselves. If we can not spend for God and his work more willingly than for self, it is because we do not love him more than self. If we do not get more pleasure out of giving than we do out of consuming, we may well question both the amount and quality of our love and its direction.

There is no way to avoid the issue. The fact is, there are too many whose love is wanting in that quality which draws out their hearts into the work of God until they are willing to sacrifice for it. It is true that there are many who do love and who prove it by their sacrifices. But it is just as true that there are many others who do not deny themselves and will not even from a sense of duty, to say nothing of making willing sacrifices through the prompting of love.

It is time that we heard more of the practical side of love practiced by people. A sacrificing person will be blessed if the sacrifice is prompted by love. People who are willing to serve and sacrifice have true love.

3. How Much We Endure

Christ proved his love by enduring the scoffs and ill-treatment of the people and the shame and suffering of the cross. By this He proved His love to be real. If our love is genuine, we will rejoice in our sifferings for God and others. Paul endured all things for the elect's sake, that they might be saved. If we cannot endure the little persecutions, the unkind words, the sneering smiles, the scoffs and jeers, of the unbelieving world, is it not because our love lacks fervency? Those who want to show love will endure hardships and perils and suffer in a thousand ways. Love that cannot endure hardness, misrepresentation, neglect, and such things, and still be sweet and strong, needs to be increased. Love suffers long. 1 cor 13.

Love makes service sweet, sacrifice easy, and meek endurance possible. Love enriches, ennobles, and blesses. It sweetens the bitter cup; it lightens the heavy load. It strengthens the faltering soul. Let us, therefore, see that we have fervent love toward God, toward each other, and toward others in the world.

Be Encouraged.



><> Letter # 26 (26. 7. 2009) <><

Encouragement: What is your greatest motivation in life?

What is the reason you live each day in spite of so many pressures and some times hopeless moments? Of course, some people may not know as they seldom stop and think in the humdrum of daily mechanical life. There are some who appear to be enjoying life to the fullest and maximum but sadly, they can be the most miserable people on earth! Because they think enjoying pleasures of sin is the purpose of life. But the reality is, they are so depressed and so abhor their lives that they have no desire to live and can not afford to die also!

What motivates people to indulge in pleasures of sin, knowing they are self-destructive? What motivates people to develop relationships that are fleeting and transitory? Self-interest is the motive of majority of people in the world today. To get something out of it. This may bring temporary happiness and short-lived pleasure but in the long run can result in sorrow, pain, and tragedy. And even in death, as it happened in case of MJ.

Here is something that is permanent and eternal. It is priceless and ageless. It is selfless and self-sacrificing. The supreme, divine quality called LOVE. Let me show you how this love should be the greatest motivation in every aspect of our lives. If this is the driving force behind our existence, then we will be the happiest and most satisfied people on earth.

1. Love for God: Our real existence begins with God because He created us and gave us a purpose and plan to live. Though many may not accept and appreciate this fact. However, realizing this truth brings meaning to our being and living here. That God loves each of us is so clearly declared in His Word and in all His creation. And in particular, God's love was embodied and manifested in the person of Lord Jesus Christ when He lived as a man and sacrificed His sinless life for mankind's salvation. Once you experience this love, you want to love Him back wholeheartedly. In this is the fullest contentment. Not in loving materialism or created things but the Creator Himself. If you love Me, you will keep MY commandments, said the Lord to His disciples (John 14;15). The proof one's faith in God is love for Him. And the proof of love is obedience. God does not demand anything from man but only to keep His commands, so man stays in God's eternal and perfect plan for His well-being. By nature, man is a rebel and always wants to have his own way and so its the most difficult duty to obey God's laws. But therein is the foundation for a stable and everlasting life. A life that has blessings overflowing in this world and unspeakable joy awaiting in the world to come. Are you motivated by this love for God, to live daily and grow from glory to glory?

2 Love for Self: Love your neighbor as you love yourself, is a very familiar statement. Yet many don't realize that before one can really love others, he needs to know how to love himself first. Many think, enjoying the pleasures of sin like using drugs to get a kick and using other intoxicating drinks and indulging in immoral activities, are to show love for oneself. But, sadly, it is the very opposite of loving oneself. It is self-destroying. Knowingly, you are hating your own body and mind when you indulge in such acts and activities that harm your own life like MJ!.

Genuine love for oneself is when you really accept yourself as created in the image of holy God who wants you to live holy life and enjoy all good things He has created for you. And to appreciate what He has already given to you. Many love the worldly possessions and passing pleasures of sin and not their own precious life. It is like grabbing the wrapping design paper rather than the valuable gift inside it. All that is in the world is lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life, these are not from the heavenly Father but from the enemy of mankind, Satan.

We often hear the popular slogan, love life and hate drugs! Yes, love life, your own God-given life. Then you will be able to love others similarly. Accept yourself as you are, an unique being and appreciate all the good gifts, talents God has given to you to thank Him in gratitude and live life to the fullest possible enjoyment!

3. Love for Your Family: It was God's own plan to give a family to man, who was single and never knew and never asked for one. In God's perfect and best plan for man's welfare, He has given a helper in his wife and gifts of children to bring joy to his heart. In such context of a God-ordained marriage and family, children are placed and nurtured with love and care. Man's first love after God is his wife, the better half. A husband is commanded to love his wife as himself. and together they need to love children as God's special gifts to take care.

Today, the enemy of man, Satan, has ruined family set up leading to eroding family foundations. Today family is under attack from all sides. Only the original foundation laid by God in His Word can sustain and empower the family based on love. Practice of love begins in the family and lasts even in the heavenly family. If you fail here, you will fail everywhere. So let love be shown in the family freely and fully. Unreserved love and unconditional forgiveness establish homes and perpetuate the blessings. Let this be your motivation to live, as your family needs your love and wants to love you too.

4. Love for Others: Love survies in giving and receiving. Once you stop giving away love, there will be no love left in your life. Man is a social being and needs others around him. Sometimes, we feel we don't need others when we encounter problems in society. However, man needs others to express his love and also to receive love from others. Love is a two- way street. Love flourishes between two individuals. Your capacity to love is enhanced as you begin to love others around you. The best and most appreciated parable Jesus taught was about the Good Samaritan. The very reason He expounded it is to show how one needs to love his neighbor and who that neighbor is! It does not take long to see the truth. Your neigbhbor is one who is in need! There are people all around us who have so many needs. We have needs that only others can meet. Hence love connects us. Love meets needs and thus fulfils God's command to love your neighbor as yourself. It is next only to loving God among the ten great commandments. Often it is not easy to love the unloveable, unworthy and unfortunate. We usually choose whom we want to love and they are usually the better lot. But the moral of the parable is that, the Samaritan chose to show love and concern to the one who was rejected by others like the religious, self-righteous and duty-bound levi and the priest. Love has no choice, Love does not discriminate. Love does not see anything but only the need of the other. Love is blind to divisive attitudes and actions. Love even covers multitude of sins, so you can love a sinner that the world hates. Though not the sin!

What is your motivation to live? Is it love for God who gave you life and loves you so much? Is it love for yourself as God's unique creation? Is it love for your family whom God gave you to share love and enjoy life together forever? Or is it love for others that is keeping you going with great excitement? Let them all be your motivation in life. You will enioy life meaningfully and will be a blessing to others.

" For the love of Christ compels us,...that He gave Himself up for us, that we should no longer live for ourselves........" 2 Cor. 5:14,15.

Be Encouraged.



><> Letter # 25 (19. 7. 2009) <><

Encouragement: Living Life Reflectively

When God created the earth, He took a step back after each stage of work, reflected upon what He had done, and concluded: it's good! And at the very end of all the work, He evaluated the results of His workmanship and passed His verdict: it's VERY GOOD! (Gen. 1:3-31).

We are made in God's image. That means (among other things) that we are made to do as He did; to reflect as He reflected.

Why the Need to Reflect?

To Develop a Grateful spirit
In today's fast paced life, most of us take things in life for granted: our parents, children, jobs, government, the convinience of the multitude of services and facilities available to us. We take our colleagues, subordinates, our maids for granted. We even take our own lives for granted. But if we could take a step back and reflect upon the benefits that we receive from these relationships, and consider where we would be without them, we would be more grateful and appreciative.
Ordinary, little almost-non-events can take on great significance when a person reflects on their value. Positive reflection helps take our eyes off what can stir up discontent and complaint, and get us to focus on the good and positive in the mundane, humdrum daily routine. Psalm 103 says: "Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits..." When was the last time you reflected upon God's many benefits and blessed Him?

To Check if We are on Track
Life consists of thousands of decisions. The cumulative effect of these gives us a certain course and direction, and leads us relentlessly towards a certain destination. But is it the destination what we had set out to reach? Is it the course we intended, or are we going off-course?
It is very easy to let the hundreds of daily events, weekly habits, and monthly routines dictate the shape and structure of our lives. Unless we step back and take stock, evaluate and make corrections, we allow the multitude of circumstances to push us onto a route we had not intended.
At the end of a long life, King Solomon reflected upon his life and found that it had been vanity of vanities- void, futile - and wrote the book of Ecclesiastes as a warning to us.
There are many Solomons around- you've met them! People who strive to climb the ladder of corporate success, material acquisitions, children's academic excellence, and many other such ladders. People who keep climbing, and pushing, trying to go ever higher...only to find when they've reached the very top, that the ladder was leaning on the wrong wall!
I think a regular hour of reflection might have averted a lifetime of mistakes. But most people are so busy living , they don't have time to remember what they are living for!

To See the Big Picture
In the midst of troubles, and problems, many people don't see the big picture at all. Their noses are so close to the grindstone, they fail to see the tapestry of their lives evolving.
Not Joseph. In all those years of slavery, of proving himself, of pining for home, of remembering the harm done to him-what was he thinking? I believe he stuck resolutely to his dream because he saw every injustice and hardship in the light of the big picture, the dream that God had given him. His constant reflection kept him focussed on the end-result, the dream of his life.
There are people who endure similar suffering today. The only way not to be engulfed by the slavery and tyranny of hardship is to reflect upon what God has given us. His promise that somehow all things work together for good, that He gives us a better future and a bright hope.

To Ease the Stresses of Life
Often, a few minutes of thoughtful reflection will ease unnecessary tension and pressure on our minds and bodies. Like, do we have to hurry? Why are we hurrying? What is the effect of all this hurry on me? On others? Is there a better way to do things? Do we need this kind of activity, etc? What's the big deal in this?
This will lessen the unnecessary stress many put themselves through, lengthen their lives a little, and make life a bit more pleasurable.

Be Encouraged.



><> Letter # 24 (12. 7. 2009) <><

Encouragement: Life Beyond the Limits

Have you ever thought of or expected to live your life beyond limits!? Actually, do you know that there is such a life waiting for you? Or it is possible to live life even beyond your expectations or wild dreams? Here's the secret to get blessings, enlage your life, experiecne supernatural presence and stay away from evil. All these, just by a simple and shortest prayer! Can you believe this?

Here's what an obscure statement in the historical records of the Bible says: "And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!" So God granted him what he requested." 1 Chronicles 4:10. A little prayer, but a giant prize!

This simple, direct request to God changed Jabez's life and left a permanent mark on the history books of Israel. At first glance, the four requests may strike you as sincere, sensible, even noble, but not terribly remarkable. Yet just under the surface of each lies a giant paradigm breaker that runs exactly opposite to the way you and I usually think . In this letter, I want to show you just how dramatically each of Jabez's requests can release something miraculous in your life.

1. Ask for God's Blessings: It is not seeking for more of what we want! This is what normally all people are doing. But asking for God's blessings means to ask Him to pour out His vast resources in heaven, His rich goodness and favours- waiting for you! Out of His riches in heaven God blesses and provides, is what even Apostle Paul assures us in Philippians 4:19. Usually, we are not reaching for those immeasurable riches but only focussing on our problems and asking for His help. Ask, and it shall be given to you, promised the Lord Jesus. You do not have because, you do not ask, reminded James in his letter. Open you heart wide and ask for God to bless you indeed, really hard and abundantly. When God blesses you, your life changes and you will help others too. Jacob sought for God's blessing so desperately that he was determined not to leave God unless He blessed him there and then! Then what we read happneed in Jacob's life is the wonderful history of Israel!

2. Ask to Enlarge your territory: Many of us are satisfied with our present siuation unless we face some problems. The lethargy and complacency are the greatest enemies of development. But God wants to give so much for you that you have to ask for enlarging your borders- of your own personal life, family life, financial life, and professional life. Don't you want to stretch yourself and make an impact on others? Desire for a greater ministry to be given to you so that you become more useful and your territory extends farther and wider.

3. Ask for God's Presence with you always: To go through life's difficult situations or to accomplish great things, you need a supernatural power. The Lord promises His presence with those who go forward in His name, to do and work wonders. Jabez asked for God's hand to be with him, since he asked for large responsibility to be given to him. Yes, we all need this assurance that He is with us always, in everything and at all times.

4. Ask to keep you away from evil: Evil is all around us in this world. Wherever you go, you can not run away from evil. This is like your shadow that always follows you! Sometimes, you have to face evil and fight the battles of life. But, it is better and safer that we pray for not to enter into a struggle with the powerful Enemy of God. The Lord Jesus taught the little prayer to pray for deliverance from the evil one. As you step out of your house, ask God to keep you away from the evil one. As you deal with people, ask God to keep evil far from you both. But you need not fear the evil one. Pray and trust the Lord that you would be kept safe.

Say this prayer of Jabez daily. Count the good things that happen to you. Make sure, you are obeying God's Word and are doing everything to please Him and He will blesss you. Join me in this transformation. You will change your legacy and bring supernatural blessings wherever you go. God release His miraculous power in you now and for all eternity! He will lavish on you His honour and delight. Amen.

" Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 47:4

Be Encouraged.



><> Letter # 23 (5. 7. 2009) <><