Monday, February 15, 2010

Encouragement: Celebrating Love

All over the world is the celebration of love- though people differ in their defining, understanding and practicing the love. However, it is more thrilling and exhilarating to think of love and your loved one! The feelings and meaning to the lovers is different from how others see it or feel it.

There is a most beautiful song of love and a superb celebration of love that is both romantic and spiritual, full of dreams and reality, most intimate and extremely satisfying. It is compared to the highest level of love Christ has for His people! The Song of songs, written by the wisest Solomon, is the only romantic, poetic and full of intimate physical words and acts in the Holy Scriptures. Some doubt its canonical status.

The Song of songs is characterized by the use of rich figurative language that helps the lovers to express the inexpressible about each other. The words are full of passion and emotion, and the figures of speech are designed to paint visual pictures so we can share in the emotional exprience of the lovers.

The Solomon's song has often been used as an illustration of God's love for His people. The primary focus of the Song of songs, however, is the celebration of sexual love in the context of marriage.

The Beauty of God's Creation
Our past experiences may have limited our ability to see the many beautiful things that God hs created for us to enjoy. If we have been sexually abused, our legitimate boundaries have been destroyed. This has soiled the beautiful sexual experience God intended. When misused, sex can become an experience of pain and fear.The Song of songs helps us see sexuality as God intended it- a physical love that is shameless and beautiful in God's eyes. If we have misused our sexuality, or have been sexually abused, God can restore us so that we can see the beauty in what He has created.

The beauty of People
At several points in the poem, Solomon described his bride's appearance using beautiful metaphors from nature.She may not have been considered attractive by the general public, or even by herself (1:6), but Solomon saw her as exquisitely beautiful! In much the same way, God sees everyone as beautiful because He sees us through the filter of Christ's work on our behalf. We should all practice seeing each other as God sees us- immensely beautiful.

The Joy of Committed love
Our culturer's understanding of love is largely distorted and twisted. It is a form of love that is driven by selfish desires, and it usually causes people involved to be exploited or abused in some way. In the Song of songs, we see the beauty of a committed love, a love that is protected by God-given boundaries. As we seek to follow God's design for our lives, we need to rediscover God's design for our sexuality. God's Word makes it clear how we enjoy our bodies within the context and boundaries of holy matrimony.

How do you celebrate love? Is it within God ordained plan? Is it bringing permanent joy or pain because of sin? In pure love there is true celebration of life and all its blessings. keep it a daily celebration, enjoying the good things God has given you and freely showing unreserved love to all and esp those who need it from you.

Be Encouraged


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