Monday, May 17, 2010

Encouragement: Releasing our Losses

All suffer losses in life. Whether it involves a loved one, a relationship, a dream, or something of material value, we tend to carry our losses with us. To be happy and victorious requires that we release our losses and the circumstances surrounding them to God.

In my own life I had suffered loss of loved ones including my dad and mom and friends whom I loved for more than 20 yrs. Some relationships were so close yet they faded away like vapor when Sun rises. I had lost my childhood Bible which I loved so much and used for more than 30 yrs to read and teach from. Of course, there were also times when I lost money and bank cards while travelling in the city. Some losses were too much to forget about or leave behind. I still rememmer some of my friends who are no longer in touch with me or have just decided to forget. It hurts especially, when you recollect how much you loved and cared for some people in your life and how they have responded to you. Believe me, it hard to get rid of the emotional feelings and to mend the broken hearts, though you can get back some of the material losses.

Though it is tough practically, here are some real examples to encourage us to leave behind our losses and to go on in life.

Abraham and his grandson Jacob both lost loved ones as they traveled to the Promised Land. When Sarah died, Abraham wept for her and then buried her there in Canaan (Genesis 23:1-4,19). A generation later, Jacob was given a new name, Israel, and the promise of a great heritage in the Promised Land. On his way there, he, too, lost his beloved wife. She died while giving birth to their son Benjamin. "Jacob set up a stone monument over her grave ... Jacob then traveled on" (Genesis 35:20-21).

As we make our journey throughout this life, inevitably we will experience losses. When we do, we need to do as Abraham and Israel did: acknowledge our losses, grieve openly over them, forgive if necessary, and then give them a proper burial. We may even build a monument to remind us of what was loved and lost, but at some point we must relinquish our losses to God. Then we can press on to accomplish what God has called us to do in this life.

Yes, let me assure you, it is possible to go on with your life from victory to victory, from glory to glory and to a better future, as we learn to leave all our losses and hurts to God and focus on His wonderful plan for our lives. I did. You can too!

Be Encouraged


Letter # 19 (16. 5. 2010)