Sunday, July 4, 2010

Encouragement: Choosing Trustworthy Friends

What kind of friends we choose will make a difference in our life. Friends often have powerful influence on us, if we allow them to have their own way in our lives. Because we want to please our friends, we share many things, even secrets that are even hidden from our parents or teachers! And if our friends are not trustworthy, then we will be in trouble. Here's a real and touching story.

Once we have committed ourselves to confessing our faults and weaknesses to others, it is extremely important for us to keep company with trustworthy people-godly people we can entrust with our confidences. Otherwise, we will find it impossible to speak the truth and may even find ourselves lying because we can't trust our friends.

Samson was on of Israel's Judges. As a child, he had been dedicated to God, and God had ifted him with supernatural strength. But Samson had a lifelong weakness-his desire for women. Samson was especially blinded to the dangers he faced in his relationship with Delilah. Samson's enemies paid Delilah to discover the secret of his strength. Three times she begged him to let her in on his secret, and each time she tried to use this information to hand him over to his enemies. ll three times, Samson lied to her and as able to escape, but each time he got closer to telling her the truth. In th end, Samson revealed his secret, was taken captive, and died a slave in enemy hands (Judges 14-16).

Samson's real problem can be found in his unholy passions, which caused him to be drawn into the web of his treacherous enemies. His disobedience to God caused him to gradually inch his way toward destruction and a violent death.

We can protect ourselves from falling into the same trap by obeying God and developing relationships with those who love us and are devoted to God's truth. Trustworthy confidants can be relied upon to hear us speak about both our strengths and our weaknesses.

Be Encouraged


Letter # 26 (4. 7. 2010)