Sunday, January 9, 2011

Each One Connecting With Another: John 1

Welcome! Apostle John was called the disciple of who loved Jesus or the disciple whom Jesus loved! He write more about how Jesus met different people and how He connected with them. he begins right from chapter 1, telling us how He met His first disciples.
John 1:35-51, describes so fascinatingly how one by one, the early disciples came to the Master. We have a lot to learn from this passage on how we can connect with people and bring them to the Lord.
Due to the witness of John the Baptist, two of his own disciples show interest in the Lord Jesus and ask His permission to stay with Him, so they can get to know Him more personally and closely. One of them, Scriptures say, was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother. The other one's name is not mentioned and he was most probably John, the gospel writer. Since he mentioned the exact time when they met the Lord Jesus, 4pm, that day, it appears they considered it to be very important in their life meeting the Master who later transformed their lives for eternity.
Do you know when you met the Savior and what happened? If you truly experienced His life-changing touch, you can not really forget that moment and the day you had met Him.

Then, Andrew goes and brings his own brother Simon and introduces him to the Lord Jesus. The Lord looks at unstable, shaky, sand-like Simon and says what he was going to become, Peter, as firm as a stone! Andrew might have not imagined what this Simon was going to be when he brought him to Jesus. But the gracious Lord always has some plan for each of those who come to Him. Plan to transform and make them useful to God and man. Amen.

As we read John 1:35-51, we see the Lord calling Philip to follow him who in turn brought his friend Nathanael to the Lord. Here, though Nathanael had a prejudiced mind towards those from Nazareth, the Lord, nevertheless, appreciated his sincere character. The Lord always sees good in others and is quick to appreciate even a hint of goodness in those who come to Him.

If you met the Lord personally and experienced His salvation and blessings, you ought to be excited to go and share the good news with others around you. Even before they could receive any teaching or commands from the Lord Jesus to go and preach to others, the early disciples, we saw above, began to witness and bring others to the Lord. That's the power of His Person! No one can remain unimpressed with His presence, even for a few minutes, without being affected in their life.
May you get motivated to go and share the good news about how the Lord saved you and blessd you with others and bring them to the Lord. He wants them and they need Him too.
God bless you.

· Don’t think twice when the thought comes to invite someone to church.

· Don’t think twice when the opportunity comes to introduce someone to Jesus.

· Don’t think twice when you see someone who needs what you have.

· Tell them about Jesus.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goal for 2011: Connect, Care & Be Complete

Hopeful Greetings of the New Year 2011 to you. Let us give grateful thanks to the Lord for all His merciful blessings in the past years and for His great faithfulness in granting us another year to serve Him more vigorously for His glory. Amen.

Goal for 2011: Connect, Care & Be Complete. As every year, the Lord has impressed upon my heart a familiar passage but with new insights as Goal for the new year. We all communicate but a few connect with others. In the Sermon on the Mount, the Lord gave many practical principles to develop our relationships with others. In the passage from Matthew 5:43-48, we see the need to connect even with those whom we don't like or who hate us– our enemies. And also loving those who do not love us and greeting or blessing strangers. We may think, why should we do these? Because our Heavenly Father does! And if we want to be His children, and want to be perfect, we need to connect with all sorts of people, not just with those who love us or with whom we are comfortable.
The Lord Jesus Christ gave His followers a higher standard and an excellent goal which seems unattainable by our own strength. Hence, we need His grace to enable us to connect with different people for His sake. God has a purpose in leading us to people or leading people to us. He wants us to connect with people so that they can in turn be connected to Him. God wants to use us as catalysts wherever we may be, to bring draw people unto Himself. We have the best example of the Lord Jesus Himself, who demonstrated in His own life on earth, as He met and connected with so many variety of people. We also have a practical example from the life of Apostle Paul.
Apostle Paul testifies in 1 Cor 9:19-23, saying how he identifies with different people so that he could win them for Christ. 1 Co 9:23 And this I do for the gospel's sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you.
Paul's main purpose and passion in life was to win souls for Christ. To achieve this great goal, he met so many people at various places during his travels. He made sincere efforts to identify with people so he could share the gospel with them.

Let us commit ourselves to practice these principles of Connecting with others, Caring for each one and to become Complete, so we can present each one complete (perfect) in Christ as per Colossians 1:28-29. Amen.
As the Lord enables and His Spirit enlightens us, in the coming days, let us learn more on how to connect, care and be complete.
God bless you as begin to understand His Word in a new light and put into practice to bring glory to Him. Amen.